TST Supermarket
Our flagship company, providing groceries to the people of Papua New Guinea through our supermarket chains across the country.
Oven Fresh Bakery
Oven Fresh Bakery is located beside our TST Gerehu Supermarket which bakes fresh bread and bakery products daily. Oven Fresh supplies baked goods to our supermarkets and outstation customers.


Tanpac Wholesale
Tanpac Wholesale PNG Ltd is the group wholesales and importer that supplies goods to our supermarket and outstation customers, including:
  • Groceries
  • Hardware & plasticware
  • Clothing & cloth material
Boroko Wholesale
Boroko Wholesales is the sole distributor for the following:
  • Tasty Peanut Butter - crunchy & smooth peanut butter
  • Kuat Harimau dish washing paste and laundry powder
  • Country Soft Butter – butter imported from New Zealand
Starland Wholesale
Starland Wholesale is a pioneer of the wholesale freezer industry in Papua New Guinea. Starland is the sole distributor for:
  • Star Party Ice
  • Tuckers Ice Cream
  • Various other stick and scoop ice creams


Kokoda Tailoring
Kokoda Tailoring is a company that provides tailoring & embroidery services to its customers. Kokoda Tailoring specializes in not only formal business suits but eveningwear, dress down semi formal jackets, casual trousers and the bespoke shirt for ultimate luxury.


Holiday Travel
Holiday Travel is a travel agent that provides high quality travel products relating to local reservations and operations facilities. Holiday Travel has a proud track record of offering consistently high levels of customer service to the residents of Port Moresby.


Port Moresby Country Club
Port Moresby Country Club is a club house which provides leisure facilities for its customer. It includes indoor and outdoor areas for the patrons to enjoy to the fullest. There are bars, dance floors, pool tables & poker machines.


Laguna Hotel
Laguna Hotel - COMING SOON